The easy path to Industry 4.0 –
with connyun’s I4_Suite

Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and its possibilities: more data, more control, and more productivity. Yet, many companies are reluctant to take the first step into digital manufacturing. We want to make IIoT easy and quickly accessible: With the I4_Suite, you can benefit from ready-to-use, mature applications to maximise the availability and transparency of your production.

I4_Plug & Work How long will it take
connect my devices?

With I4_Plug & Work, you can overcome the first technical hurdle in just a few minutes: the fast connectivity of a wide variety of devices to an IIoT platform is your first step towards digital production.

Automatic connection without a code

One click is enough, and I4_Plug & Work automatically accesses the OPC UA logs of your machines in just a few seconds, without the need for codes.

Simple manual connection

Your devices can’t be automatically on-boarded? In that case, the application will guide you through manual connection step-by-step: That's another way to get your devices connected.

User-friendly operation

I4_Plug & Work is self-explanatory: any production manager can simply connect a variety of different machines, robots, grippers and controllers from different manufacturers.

Fast data access

Your devices’ data will be transferred as soon as they are connected. There’s no data chaos because you determine which data you want to use and to be displayed.

I4_Station Optimizer How do I increase the transparency and availability of my production?

With the I4_Station Optimizer, you control and optimise how individual machines and entire cells interact. You can monitor your KPIs in real time and respond immediately to any issues: for greater efficiency and fewer downtimes.

Full transparency

Gain a full overview of your manufacturing processes with the aid of the clear dashboard.

Faster solutions to problems

Create suggested solutions for each error code to help you respond faster to problems. This allows every operator to bring the machine back into production quickly.

High profitability

Payment is on a monthly basis - and only for the actual use of the connected cells. In addition, no dedicated operator needs to be deployed.

A standard solution, rather than an individual solution

A standard SaaS product such as the I4_Station Optimizer has clear advantages: it is based on the standards in the industrial environment and uses predefined settings and visualisations.

Reduced downtimes

Reduce unplanned downtimes with unique error code notifications.

Permanent optimisation

Check the sustainability of your optimisations with a before-and-after analysis based on historical data and parameters.

Regular updates

Benefit directly from product improvements and enhancements.

Downloads for the I4_Station Optimizer

„IIoT-Software setzt auf Standards“

IT & Production, August 2018

„IIoT-Lösung unterstützt Produktionsmitarbeiter sofort“

Produktion, August 2018

Whether by smartphone or by smartwatch, with the I4_Messenger, your employees are always informed and keep an overview of the troubleshooting for your production.

I4_Messenger How can I specifically address and remedy problems during production?

With the I4_Messenger, you can speed up troubleshooting in your production: If a problem occurs, the responsible employee receives a message directly to their smartphone, tablet, PC or smartwatch.

Targeted fault notifications

Fault information is transmitted to the lead system and combined with information: Which employees are responsible? And which of them is currently present?

Intelligent escalation chain

The responsible employee actively accepts the order or rejects it if prevented. In the case of rejection, an escalation chain defined in the system takes effect: the error message is forwarded to the next person in charge until someone accepts the problem.

Accelerated problem solving

The time between occurrence and resolution of the problem is shortened because the right recipients are directly involved. Employees are informed directly and in great detail about which machine or cell is involved so that the disruption can be rectified in a targeted manner.

Keeping the problem in check, anytime, anywhere

With notification to a mobile device, the responsible production employee is always reached, even if there is no direct visual contact with the I4_Station Optimizer.

Secure and GDPR-compliant

Data security is also guaranteed: The I4_Messenger meets all current GDPR requirements and regulations.

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Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and its possibilities: more data, more control and more productivity.

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