Why _Consulting_Data Science? Improve your production
forecasts and processes.

Our customers know their production environment like the back of their hand. But most people have no idea what potential lies dormant in their machines or what machine data is important to them at all. No wonder, because the analysis, evaluation and use of machine data - in short: data science - is literally a science in itself.

Good that you have experienced and highly specialized partners at your side with the connyun Data Science team. With our proven problem-solving process, we ensure smooth processes and identify problems - often even before they arise. Our approach: We analyze data and use the findings to improve production forecasts and processes. Benefit from it.

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Tobias Bauer

IoT Engineer | Customer Projects

Your benefits at a glance What can _Consulting_Data Science
do for you?

Detect, avoid and correct errors

Our Data Science team extracts patterns from your machine data that are frequently repeated. Together with experts from your production, we find exactly the samples that lead to defects. In the future, these patterns can be used for predictive maintenance. So that errors can be eliminated quickly - or not at all.

Optimize your order logistics

Make more precise statements about when an order can be executed: Our Data Science team first analyses your production and logistics data. Based on this, we provide you with forecasts for predefined points in time as to when a certain quantity produced can be expected.

Improve your material flow

When do the raw parts have to be placed on the table and the finished parts in the warehouse? Here, too, the basis for improved material flow is the data that your machines make available on a daily basis - be it on site or transmitted. The connyun data science experts use this information to develop solutions for better planning your activities.


Capacity recognized
and increased

  • Overview of production capacity
  • Data analysis and evaluation of a complex production line
  • Machine learning as a basis for reliable predictions


A major manufacturer of consumer goods wanted a better overview of its production capacities. And, based on this, forecasts of possible future production volumes. The challenge: The production line produced many different and frequently changing products in many processing steps.


Machine learning was used to train a model based on the data collected from production. This processes complex information from the preceding production steps and makes reliable statements about the expected production volume. This enables the customer to plan exactly which orders he will accept and how he will align his logistics accordingly.


Maintenance at
the best time

  • Cost reduction for maintenance and repair of machines
  • Synergetic and demand-oriented maintenance
  • Machine learning to derive optimal maintenance times


A well-known robotics manufacturer wanted to plan maintenance more synergetically in its high-tech production. Maintenance of the machines should be made dependent on actual use instead of fixed maintenance intervals. The due maintenance should be known as early as possible in order to coordinate different maintenance tasks.


Machine learning methods were combined with the experience of the responsible technical, production and machine experts on the customer side. The result: optimal maintenance times are derived from the historical usage data, the sensor data and the current condition of the machines. Unnecessary maintenance is avoided and maintenance costs are reduced. The reliable prediction of maintenance work minimizes unplanned downtimes and reduces repair costs.

Our partners

Industry 4.0 reconceived We are connyun.

connyun uniquely combines production know-how with specialist knowledge of the Internet of Things. The results are user-friendly products that make Industry 4.0 revolutionarily easy.

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I4_Suite. Get real.

Machine Optimizer

Gain a central overview of the status of your machines

Define important characteristic values and analyze their development over time

Compare similar machines for availability and usage

Benefit from fast and easy plug-and-work machine onboarding via OPC UA (further protocols available on request)

Benefit from the excellent price/performance ratio through the use of a standard product

Make direct and intuitive use of regular product improvements and enhancements

Station Optimizer

Gain a central overview of the status of your stations and cells

Reduce unplanned downtimes with unique error code notifications

Create solution proposals in order to react faster to problems (solution to the error code)

Identify problem effects, i.e. the correlation of problems within production

Check the sustainability of your optimizations by means of a before-and-after analysis based on historical data and characteristic values

Benefit directly from regular product improvements and enhancements

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Daniel Schuster

IoT Sales Engineer