Improve your forecasts and processes using data.

Your machine data is one of your company's most valuable resources: Now is the time to make better use of these resources: Increase the availability and quality of your production. connyun's Data Science Team will help you with this - pragmatically, in partnership and individually tailored to your company.

Data Science - consulting and analysis by connyun How can I make the best
use of my machine data?

No matter whether you are entering uncharted territory with Industry 4.0 or already feel at home in the Industrial Internet of Things: our data experts will actively advise you and show you the opportunities that data offer - precisely tailored to your production conditions.

In the first step, we ensure full transparency. Then, we specify the cooperation possibilities, determine the scale of the Data Science project and clarify the ways in which the data can be exchanged. You can expect the first results after about two weeks of data analysis. These are often the beginning of a deeper investigation and evaluation.

Predictive Maintenance:
Predictive maintenance saves costs

Many machines are serviced much more often than is actually necessary, which incurs unnecessary costs. Using data analysis, and in close cooperation with the customer’s experts, the ideal maintenance intervals can be planned for each individual component. This is how the connyun Data Science Team creates the conditions for intelligent, predictive maintenance: "as often as necessary, as rarely as possible".

Planning, material flow, logistics:
It gets even better

All planning tasks that involve predictions, assessments and experience become faster and more accurate when done on a data-driven basis. When and on which machine must each task be completed so that everything happens on time and nobody has to wait? Where does raw material have to be replenished next, and how much time is left until then for other tasks? Those who are able to make precise statements here use their capacity more efficiently, reduce machine downtimes and increase their productivity.

Anomaly detection:
errors that are invisible to the naked eye

The longer a defect or inefficient process goes undetected, the higher the cost it incurs: higher wear, repair costs, scrap, recalls, or unplanned downtime. For operators, such defects are very difficult to detect, whereas the anomalies are very clear in the data. Our Data Science experts identify and isolate deviations from standard behaviour, allowing improvement measures to be initiated immediately.

Data Mining:
Data is raw material, knowledge is power

The secret of successful data mining is not just the analysis of complex data. In addition, connyun has technical expertise and in-depth industry knowledge of manufacturing and mechanical engineering. With this combination, our Data Science experts reach understandable, helpful solutions together with customers that save costs, increase productivity and create transparency.

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