Mit der Übernahme von connyun stärkt der internationale Technologiekonzern Körber seine digitale Kompetenz deutlich. Die Transaktion wurde mit Wirkung zum 29. Juni 2018 abgeschlossen.

Communication is a central aspect of production. No manufacturer can afford to lose relevant information gained during production.

Industry 4.0 is on everyone's lips – but unfortunately only in a few production halls. Why? Because the entry barrier for companies is very high.

We live in a new era of industrialisation, in which the evaluation of data plays a key role. However, according to the German Industry 4.0 Index 2018, 94 percent of German industrial companies currently see no great benefit in predictive maintenance based on process and machine data.

Machine Optimizer

Gain a central overview of the status of your machines

Define important characteristic values and analyze their development over time

Compare similar machines for availability and usage

Benefit from fast and easy plug-and-work machine onboarding via OPC UA (further protocols available on request)

Benefit from the excellent price/performance ratio through the use of a standard product

Make direct and intuitive use of regular product improvements and enhancements

Station Optimizer

Gain a central overview of the status of your stations and cells

Reduce unplanned downtimes with unique error code notifications

Create solution proposals in order to react faster to problems (solution to the error code)

Identify problem effects, i.e. the correlation of problems within production

Check the sustainability of your optimizations by means of a before-and-after analysis based on historical data and characteristic values

Benefit directly from regular product improvements and enhancements

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Daniel Schuster

IoT Sales Engineer